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Leave it to Gaylord_Wilshire to find something I've never heard of before!
I was completely unaware of Frolich's Tower of Legends at Forest Lawn in Glendale.

Originally Posted by GaylordWilshire View Post

There are at least four ways to spell Finn's surname--apparently Forest Lawn, where he's buried, spells it "Frolick".... Anyway, Frolich/Froelich/Frohlich/Frolick added more than his remains to the cemetery. Besides his sculptures for Richfield, there was his Tower of Legends at Forest Lawn, which disguised a water tower and lasted from 1924 into the '40s (Finn himself expired in 1947). It is shown above at two Easter sunrise services, the second while still under construction (I love the futuristic spherical pods servings as forms or carving shelters over two of the monument's sculptures).

G_W, it turns out the spherical 'carving shelters' are actually part of Frolich's original design (see below).

It takes balls (pun intended) for an architect to place two globes at the base of a tower.
Also notice the two 'No Admittance' on the steps. So why build the steps?


I also wanted to comment that the Tower of Legends looks much better without the cross on top.

originally posted by G_W

My subsequent research leads me to believe the cross was an Easter thing. More times than not the tower is shown without anything on top.

below: One exception is this postcard showing a Star atop Frolich's tower (the star looks cheesy too).



Arguably the most famous structure at Forest Lawn is Wee Kirk O' the Heather. Many famous people have laid in state this charming little chapel.

below: Here's a very early view of Wee Kirk O' the Heather with a barren hillside.


below: Here's the same view with newly planted trees. A small portion of Frolich's tower can be seen atop the hill.


below: Wee Kirk O' the Heather and the Tower of Legends.


below: Another view of the two Forest Lawn landmarks.


below: One last view of Frolich's Tower of Legends. I think it's cool that it's real purpose was to hide a water tower.


Thanks again for sparking my curiosity G_W! You're the best.


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