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Originally Posted by fhammon View Post
"A photograph taken in 1924, looking south towards the Baldwin Hills. The Heinz 57 concrete numbers are
visible on the side of the Baldwin Hills.

I found this 'mystery' photo on an old cd of mine. pls. scan right--->

I can't remember/maybe ebay

I never knew where this was located until I recalled fhammon's post on the Heinz 57 sign overlooking Baldwin Village.

Does anyone recognize this 'monument/sculpture' to Richfield Oil ? It seems to be placed in an empty field....a defunct oil field perhaps?
The 'base' looks like it could be temporary...especially where it meets the grass on the right hand side.
The material looks rather cheap and the seams are shoddy (again on the right hand side).

Another connection to the 'mystery' photograph is the sculptor Finn Haakon Frolich.

I came across this photo during my recent research on Frolich's 'Jack London' House located on the dead-end La Vista Court.
Sure enough, it's the same sculpture!

below: Here's a smaller view of the 'mystery' photo.




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