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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
Gaylord_Wilshire, There are some old bones still rattling in the building on the northwest corner of Wilshire and LaBrea.

below: I believe this the same building that appears in your 'google' photo (above) on the the northwest corner of Wilshire & LaBrea.
What first caught my eye was the graceful curvature of the building.


......and then I found this postcard view with the street location.

found on ebay


Turn the clock back 60 years and look west and you might have seen this scene. Wilshire and Detroit, ca '47 (Was looking for an overhead shot of Bob's Air mail on Cochran) Note that the A&P is now a Market with four leaf clover. If someone can figure how to enlarge, it seems like it has plenty of detail.

A couple more?

The "Flying Saucer" is definitely visible in this '47 shot, but it does require some zooming. (Burnside and Wilshire) "Jekyll's?"

GW ought to know this shot well. A little further East on Wilshire ca. '47. Little Tampico, Mexican Food? Again, the shot is available in a larger version but doesn't translate well here.
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