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Originally Posted by unihikid View Post
well honda is more towards crenshaw where olsons is near fairfax,but i wouldnt be surprised if the honda guys ate at capitol burger on victoria and pico

Occasionally, the boys had to stretch their legs and get out of the neighborhood? The distance to Olsen's would have been a few minutes by motorbike or Chevy Pickup. (Wonder if they serviced the pickup themselves or took it to Nugent on LaBrea. lol)

Honda could have chosen any location to start. Curious why it chose that specific Pico Blvd. location? Was it an unknown hot bed of interest for motorized transportation. Connections with a preexisting Japanese-American community in the area? As of '59, it would not have been particularly close to Freeways, nor was it close to rail lines or shipping - as might be found in Long Beach or Downtown. Was there a ready made audience as might be found on large college campuses? From a cursory reading, it is not clear whether they used the Pico location strictly for assembly, or sales, or both.

Of course maybe they wanted to be close to Olsen's, but not too close???lol Or perhaps they wanted to be equidistant from Olsen's, Capital Burger, Tommy Burger and Cassells (and 20 other places)?


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