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Originally Posted by unihikid View Post
builders emporium on pico just west of the sears,the sears on pico stood empty for maybe 10 years the last thing operating out of it was builders discount.

the cool thing about pico sears was the former gas station/auto shop that got used as a gardening store and the bus depot right next to it where you could see track crack and some tracks from when the yellow cars use to turn around.the pics are just wonderful,i didnt know there was a substation for the pe's vineyard station(sears is in the background).I wonder when the pe cars stopped using the viaduct crossing pico?
I remember Builders Emporium on Pico and even parking next to the man who was attempting to save the business, Sanford Sigoloff. He was easily recognizable from the news of the day. I remember the Sears-Pico mostly for its extremely old escalators. According to another customer, they were featured in some 30's comedies. (I was never been able to confirm this, but suspect it was possible as so many things were.) The interior geography was "quirky" and probably not conducive to control, In other words, perfect for kids to play hide and seek, or get lost.

Per the linked article, "the viaduct was eventually demolished in the '60s when San Vicente Boulevard was widened." It is a guess the PE ceased to actively use those specific tracks in the mid to late '50s.

On the subject of Builders Emporiums, I believe they had some stiff competition from National Lumber, although I do not recall ever visiting one or whether they were in that specific area.

Since you mentioned the Auto Department, I can't say I remember it specifically, but I do remember the shop on North Wilton and Santa Monica that was affiliated with the Sears on Western. I also remember someone complaining at the top of his lungs concerning his tires and one of the employees suggesting he take his business to "Winston Tires" on Highland Ave and ask for "Sam.",s:27,i:43

For someone who may stumble across this, there was a time when Sears, Montgomery Wards and JC Penneys all had tool/hardware departments and auto centers purveying batteries and tires. In other areas of the country, many (now fondly remembered but long departed) Departments Stores had specific Auto departments a la Pep Boys and Mark C. Bloom (there was one on Beverly Blvd near . . . La Cienega close to the oil derrick.) Evidently, the Broadway Department Store had Auto Centers in Los Angeles, but I am hard pressed to pinpoint specific locations.

Former Broadway Auto Centers now converted to alternative use:


Arcadia:too big to post find it here:

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