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The photos appear to be from the late 70's. Judging from the theater marquee, the neighborhood was (and perhaps still is) at a crossroads. (It is unlikely the young man from the '50s - is in the 70's photo with a cane. He knew he was a good candidate for being struck in the crosswalk of that busy intersection or mugged for his shoes. He therefor moved to Downey and worked in aerospace. He is currently retired and living with his daughter in Fresno.)

Builders Emporium
on the NW corner (now occupied by OSH) was a natural place for local industry people to shop for rare spackling compound and counter-clockwise drywall screws - when Sears on Western and Santa Monica Blvd was out of stock and Koontz Hardware in W. Hollywood, Sears on San Vicente and Pico, Larchmont Hardware, and B&B (Washington Blvd.) - were too far to be inconvenienced.

Pico and Rimpau Sears:,r:5,s:0,i:80,r:8,s:0,i:86,r:5,s:0,i:79

Fox lot '35
USC digital library

With a bucket full of poetic license - and if the Planets were in proper alignment - you should be able to hitchhike to the Sears at Pico and San Vicente. Upon discovery that they did not have the product you needed, you notice the Pacific Electric street car over the viaduct and decide to hop on and visit the Santa Monica Sears. Along the way you enjoy traveling Santa Monica Blvd. to what would later become Century City, ponder whether to audit a class or two at UCLA when crossing Westwood Blvd, and then wake up in Santa Monica and hope the Sears is open late. Getting home might be another matter especially since you left your wallet on the Streetcar.

Eventually, after many delays (due to Bulldozer crew's misplacing of their hardhats, overalls and sunglasses) the Freeway would be partially completed. After sticking around long enough to borrow a Packard 120 and take advantage of the Freeway, you notice the Sears in the far right of the picture and then realize you missed your turnoff as the car begins to sputter and run out of gas.

Santa Monica Fwy, '61

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