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Originally Posted by unihikid View Post
Bifray,growing up in the 80s and 90s i remember the car dealership on labrea and 3rd very well,at that time it was a "OK" dealership,they went out of business in about 95, . . . the dealership is now a trader joes.
I'm wondering if the Trader Joes was a Chevrolet dealership.

While Ralphs Supermarket has been at the same location for years, it has not always been on the same footprint. If I am not mistaken, Ralph's took over the land formerly occupied by Irv White Buick. Further North on La Brea may have been a Pontiac dealership and maybe a Ford of Mercury dealer on the West side of the Street.

In the other direction, South on La Brea, there had been a host of Chrysler affiliated dealerships. Indeed, GaylordWilshire previously posted a picture of the building at 611 S. LaBrea that started out as a DeSoto dealership (maybe he can use some magic and find some more). Stills from the Three Stooges "False Alarms" short have previously appeared in this forum and they have included a few pictures of what is probably the same Third and La Brea intersection looking South. Notice in one shot what appears to be a huge neon Chevy bowtie logo on the left, the "Dodge" signs on the right, and the ubiquitous Skyscraper in the background found at the intersection of LaBrea and Wilshire.

and now:
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