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Gas Station of sixth and fairfax?

Here are a few additional fleeting glimpses of the Gas Station located North of the May Company.

Apropos of GW's most recent post, the no-longer-existent "Orange Grove" is plainly visible in the middle aerial shot. I submit the photo is probably from the 60's since it depicts the adjacent Annex and Parking structure. Interestingly, the bottom most photo indicates the existence of a structure on Fairfax directly behind the May Co. Notice the cars driving between the two structures? Was it temporary or just short-lived?

The sourced notes indicate the bottom most picture was taken in '55. It includes a bit of the gas station's "spire" (an homage to Zeppelin masts or a misplaced Chimney?) In any event, that would tend to indicate the Station existed in the 50's.


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