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Not long ago, while checking out material on Marion Parker, I came across this shot of the house at 212 S. Wilton Place, which, since it's black & white, I took to be vintage at first glance. Then I noticed the old VW bug, so I knew the shot wasn't as vintage as I thought and decided not to do a "then and now" here. (The LAPL dates the shot as 1994.) Well, today in his brilliant blog Paradise Leased, Steve Vaught and his able and not-to-be trifled-with Gal Fridays, Nellie and Dora, have given the house a distinguished identity. For those of us who discovered the Los Angeles landscape in the movies and on TV and somehow conflated it with the American small-town myth, it is fitting that Judge Hardy once lived at 212 S. Wilton. Lewis Stone also lent his impressive judicial air to another house, a long-fabled one six blocks to the west. Check out the full story here: Paradise Leased.

Btw-- The block of Wilton Place between 2nd and 3rd is a Los Angeles street worth taking a look at--it is still composed almost entirely of its original 1920s houses. Although--I see I am going to have to take my chainsaw over there one night....

Pics: Paradise Leased; LAPL; Google SV

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