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Looking west on Hollywood Blvd. toward Ivar Avenue & the Guaranty Building.

I want to point out the building on the southeast corner of Hollywood & Ivar (circled in red).

Many people forget that nitty-gritty Hollywood Boulevard used to be a fairly high class shopping district.
Believe it or not, I. Magnin once had a store directly across from the Guaranty Building (as seen below).

below: A contemporary view of the building on the southeast corner of Hollywood & Ivar.

google street view

below: At first I thought this was an entirely new building, until I looked at this aerial that shows the center 'peaked' roof
still intact. The tacked on facade is simply a ruse....the I. Magnin era building is still there!

google aerial

below: There is another impressive building just east of the I. Magnin Store.

This once dignified building still stands with mediocre venues. The entire second story is covered up and painted tan.

google street view


Now lets venture past Ivar Avenue to the building with the 'Schwabs' advertisement.

I wasn't aware of a Schwab's on Hollywood Blvd.
The iconic Schwab's Drug Store was located on the southeast corner of Sunset Blvd and Crescent Heights.

Well it turns out this Schwabs on Hollywood Boulevard was a fine men's store.


The ornate facade was covered up by stucco as early as the late 1930s or early 40s.
Only recently has the once elaborate facade been restored to it's original splendor.

google street view

google street view

....and that ends my examination of the area around Hollywood Boulevard and Ivar Avenue.


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