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Nice shot Alan.
I didn't realize there was a parking garage beneath the State Building....but it certainly looks that way from your photograph.

originally posted by Gaylord_Wilshire

I noticed just to the right of the old police station a sign that says 'White Log' something.

The only 'White Log' something I know of is the White Log Coffee Shop located at 1061 South Hill Street. This image is dated 1939.

Notice the font is the same in G_W's photo and the 1939 photo (small sign above Griddle Cakes), but the old police station was located quite some distance from the coffee shop on South Hill (and I believe the arrow in G_W's photo is pointing in the wrong direction).

My question is....was there more than one White Log Coffee Shop?


Happy side note.

Against all odds the little White Log cabin built in 1932 still stands at 1061 S. Hill Street and is doing business as El Comedor Mexican Grill.

Pretty amazing huh.


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