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Janes House, 6541 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood

On an errand to Hollywood this afternoon I parked at Hollywood Blvd. and Schrader to have a look at "Janes House", described by Wikipedia as "Queen Anne/Dutch Colonial Revival cottage built in 1903". Apparently it was was home to a restaurant/club in past years, but that venue closed a while back and the building is now unoccupied / unused.

The site says:

Located at 6541 Hollywood Boulevard, the house is survivor of the era when Hollywood was an actual city. Built in 1903 the house was one of the first model houses built on the Boulevard. From 1911 to 1926 it served as the Misses Janes School of Hollywood. The last Janes sister died in 1983, and the house has gone through several incarnations from the centerpiece of a shopping arcade to a trendy restaurant. Today the house is unoccupied and obscured from view, with its future uncertain. Recent plans involve an upscale boutique hotel and there are reports of unauthorized work taking place at the house, which could potentially damage historic interior features.

This is one of those curious old buildings that one could pass by a hundred times, with no idea of history within its walls. From the street you can barely see it at all.

Right now there's a large tarp in front and I couldn't get a photo of the whole building, but here are a few shots that give a good idea what it looks like today. The last photo was taken from the rear parking lot, which is near Yucca St.

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