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Originally Posted by BDiH View Post
The sign reads "Barker Brothers," which was a first class furniture store next to the Paramount Theatre (now, once again, the El Capitan Theatre).
oops....I meant to type Barker Bros.

below: Barker Brothers in the El Capitan Theater building. You can actually see the showroom windows. Pretty cool huh.
The entrance to the El Capitan Theater is on the opposite end of the building.

below: You can barely make out the 'Barker Bros. Hollywood' sign on the El Capitan Theater Building.
This view was probably taken from the top of the Roosevelt Hotel.

below: Here is a better view of the 'Barker Bros. Hollywood' sign on the west side of the El Capitan Theater building.
There is also another sign facing east that I hadn't noticed before. If you look closely you can see the metal tower atop the building.

found on ebay

below: In 1942 the spanish revival style theater entrance was modernized and reopened as the Hollywood Paramount.

There was also an El Capitan Theater at 1735 Vine Street. Today it is known as the 'Avalon Hollywood' Theater.
The El Capitan on Hollywood Bvld. is once again the El Capitan. It can all get a little confusing.


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