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Originally Posted by GaylordWilshire View Post

"My husband and I live in the cottage with the pirate flag, which has been replaced with a more modest pirate windsock, since we earn a substantial part of our living in the courtyard as swordplay experts and fencing instructors. We moved in because Douglas Fairbanks fenced here, and because it was a marvelous place to live. We have confirmed that the complex was built by Chaplin in 1923 as a sort of dormitory for the actors working at United Artists Studios (now Jim Henson Studios) two blocks away on La Brea. To live here you have to be pretty nuts – the current residents are all zany performers, musicians, producers, and actors of one kind or another. Swashbuckling occurs regularly in the courtyard.

I wonder how this poster confirmed that Chaplin built the complex?

...but then there was this comment G_W.

I'm off now to google 'Zwebell'! I love Patio del Moro on Fountain Avenue.....I have a few memories there.


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