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I made some great discoveries today.

I've always heard rumors that Charlie Chaplin built a 'storybook style' apartment complex near his studio for his staff and workers.

As a reminder....this is Charlie Chaplin's old studio along La Brea Avenue (now Jim Henson Studios...hence the frog).
It's quite whimsical compared to other studios from the 1920s. I wonder if these same architects also designed the elusive Chaplin apartments?

I vaguely remember that Formosa Avenue and Poinsettia Place were mentioned as possible locations. I decided to concentrate on Formosa first.

google street view

above: Charlie Chaplin's old studio is located at the red 'teardrop' A upper right. Formosa Ave. is in the lower left.

As I searched along N. Formosa Avenue I came across this mysterious little place.

google street view

below: A closer view.

google street view

After a few more searches I decided the address might be 1330 N. Formosa Avenue / As with everything else on the Internet this address led to a plethora of information.

It turns out Road_Runner on 'Jalopy Journal' used to live in these apartments. Here is a link to his story.

below: The interior courtyard.

Yet no one is 100% sure that Charlie Chaplin built these apartments.

Over at Allen Ellenberger's excellent blog he posted this in 2009.

...and again...also in 2009.

below: Another view of the fantastic inner courtyard (complete with pirate flag).

below: The 'tower'.

below: Built in wooden cabinets and eclectic doorways.

below: I would live here just for that groovy window.

This hidden treasure is a gem even if it has no association with Charlie Chaplin. I hear that artists and aspiring actors still reside in this fantastic setting. The cottage with the pirate flag is inhabited by a 'fencing' couple.....pure Los Angeles.


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