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Not just another day at Muller Brothers, 1951

Before the Cinerama Dome, there was Muller Brothers... the occasion was their 3,000,000th car wash. The shot from about 20 years before the others reminds me of the
progression from "auto laundry" to "auto wash" to "car wash." Even without the starlets doing publicity stunts, it must have been quite a facility. Too many big photos to
put them all here, but they're definitely worth a look. See this 2020 J. H. Graham blog post.

A little history of the Mullers from Hollywood Heritage: "The Muller family is one of Hollywood’s pioneers. Jacob Muller came to Hollywood in 1893, establishing the first meat market in Hollywood, across from the present Cinerama Dome on Sunset Boulevard. He sold the market in 1907 and established the first ice company in Hollywood, selling that business in 1913. The family’s original house was built Sunset Boulevard at Ivar. This site later became the location of the RCA Building, built by the Muller Family in 1963 (currently the Los Angeles Film School Building).... Across Sunset Boulevard on 4 acres, where the Cinerama Dome Theater and a new retail center is under construction, was Muller Brothers Service Station. Opened in 1920 by Jacob’s sons, Walter and Frank, this became the largest service station in the world (including a large automobile supply center), employing 120 people by 1937. Celebrities, from Rudolph Valentino to Clark Gable, came by regularly to get gas or just work on their cars. In 1963 the site was sold for the Cinerama Dome Theater, and, at that time, an eventual hotel."

Post-meat, pre-auto... "NOW JUST A COUPLE OF AIR & WATER BOYS"...?

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