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The Baltimore Hotel....Absolutely Fireproof!

"Baltimore Hotel, at the southwest corner of Fifth and Los Angeles Streets. Formerly, the Baltimore Hotel was at the northeast corner of Olive and 7th, on the other side of the downtown area; this new edition of the Baltimore Hotel was built in 1910. Two buildings to the right—that is, west on Fifth Street—we see a brick building with white oriel windows projecting. This is the Charnock Block, built April to October 1889, and located at the southeast corner of Fifth and Main Streets."

From A Visit to Old Los Angeles.

Galeria Real in Baltimore Hotel, Los Angeles (10-1-23):
USC Digital Library

Here are current reviews of the hotel:
This place is a GREAT place to hole up for a week and smoke crack like the world is going to end tomorrow! Half of Los Angeles' sex offenders and violent criminals can be found living here -- really great if you need advice on how to construct your very own Fifi towel, how to kill someone with a pair of car keys, or if you're into IVing cheap, sludgy heroin and need tips on how muscle it in even the most abscessed limb.

Entomologists shall delight at the garden of roaches, bedbugs, lice, chiggers and other assorted invertebrates that blanket the walls of this manor. Shag carpets in the hallway are surprisingly clean... but that could be because of all the random carpet farmers you'll see scrounging around down there, at the foot of their doors, picking away to keep them clean. Who needs a vaccuum? Neighbors are friendly, if exuberant -- especially the ladies! -- kicking in your door at 2am, offering companionship at rock bottom prices.

Wow! And the concierge service.... I have never had my keys and ID shoved at me so fast underneath a bulletproof glass window before. What efficiency!

AND the best part is, it's dirt cheap!!! So you can save some money when you walk a few blocks over to your fancy-pants dinner at Cicada. I love Downtown Los Angeles!

Courtney "Skullduggery Tricks" H.

Google Earth

"This is a 1920's era railroad hotel. Takes long-term weekly renters, like SS recipients, etc. I stayed here a year or two back when. What can I say about skid row? Anyway, a lota old timers. Original architecture hardly visible. They shoot the occasional scene in here. The neighborhood is always part of some cop show shoot. But the place is OK if your willing to wait out the application process..."

"I believe outa all the hotels in skid row this is the most comfortable one. I also think it's has a nice view. Evelyn"

"The place sucks and cockroach infested!"
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