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Originally Posted by alanlutz View Post
I'm new to this forum but would like to chime in from time to time. I have been to this spot, the ruins of Echo Mountain Resort. Not much to see there now except it is at the top of the incline, which you can see down the path toward the bottom. It is not near the top of Mt. Lowe, that is probably another mile and a half up. Never made it all the way to the top. Amazing that tracks used to go all the way and hardly a trace left these days.
PS, Well as I said. I am new and my comment didn't land anywhere near the Echo Mountain page where I wanted this to go. If you can give me some pointers I'd appreciate it. And why does it say I am posting at 5:10 AM when it is 9:10 PM Pacific Time when I am posting this?
Hi, and welcome to the thread!

A month or so ago I became very interested in Echo Mountain and Mt. Lowe. I did a bunch of research into the history and then did the long hike to both locations with a group of friends. (13 miles total.)

It became clear after seeing both places that when the line was running, all the action was at Echo Mountain, and Mt. Lowe, much higher up, was more of side trip. In fact I was surprised to find that Mt. Lowe is sort of tucked into an upper canyon and has no view. To see the view you had to walk or take the "One man and a mule" line to Inspiration Point, about a half mile further up. The following are all good links -- especially the first one, which has loads of great images:

Re the location of your comments on the thread, this forum works like a blog, with all replies in chronological order. You can include previous text and photos in your reply using the quote button, but a new reply will always appear on the newest page of the thread.

You can set your local time zone by going to User Control Panel, and then Edit Options.

Also - excellent photos, rcarlton and westcork. Thanks!

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