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Even before the Clampetts moved into 750 Bel-Air Road in 1962, the house was frequently rented out for filming...

A couple of screenshots of the exterior of the Atkinson/Kirkeby/Clampett mansion from Jerry Lewis's Cinderfella, 1960.

Other than the Clampett's 1921 Oldsmobile truck, the Chrysler Corporation conspicuously supplied cars for The Beverly Hillbillies, everything from Valiants to Imperials. But they weren't the first CryCo products to grace the house's forecourt.... Here are four '56 Chryslers and a couple of Imperials in a company brochure....

Alden Jewell

Apparently the familiar entrance to 750 Bel-Air Road was closed because of all the gawkers, who included me circa 1970 (I still have the Instamatic print--looks about the same as the top shot here). Anyway, the house was also drastically altered or replaced (reports vary) with something more generically McMansionish, the entrance to it moved around the corner to another address.
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