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The Trackless Trolley of Laurel Canyon, The Log House, Lookout Mountain

I recall seeing a few photos of Laurel Canyon's trackless trolley here before. I'd have liked to reference the previous post but couldn't find it. Anyway, here are some nice shots and an L.A. Times article that tells the story.

This neat little rail line began running in 1913 and shut down just 2 years later, when it was replaced with Stanley Steamer steam powered buses. The line ran along Laurel Canyon, between Sunset and Lookout Mountain Drive and gave access to Bungalow Land, which was developed by the entrepreneur who built the trolley.

At that time I believe that Laurel Canyon ended at Mulholland, or whatever the ridge top road was called back then. The northern side of L.C. extending to Ventura Blvd and the Valley was built in the 1940's.

This L.A. Times article at the end of this post mentions the Log House, a road house at the Lookout Mountain intersection. Tom Mix lived there and much later, Frank Zappa.

Building the trolley.

Lookout Mountain.


The road to the Lookout Mountain Inn.

Here's an L.A. Times story from 1946 with a more complete account of the Trackless Trolley.

I think the Log House was at 2401 Laurel Canyon Blvd. I don't know whether this was the same site the Tavern Inn. Does anyone know? I'll do a little more digging and try to add a "now" photo of the location.

Also, I've noticed what looks like remains of an old stone fireplace or foundation on the west side of Laurel Canyon near Lookout and plan to go back to see just what is there. Maybe this was the Log House property. Very interesting area, great history.

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