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I've been looking everywhere for more information regarding Billy Berg's, the first interracial nightclub in Hollywood.
It was located at 1356 Vine Street (near or at DeLongPre Avenue).

I found this information at Wikipedia.....but no photographs's

A kerfuffle broke out involving Ms. Holiday at Billy Berg's on New Year's Eve..December 1948/Jaunuary 1949.

below: Ms. Holiday leaving the county courthouse on New Year's Day.

below: Billy Berg's location today...

google street views

The 'Felix in Hollywood' blog includes the corner building as well.....but I'm not so sure.
If we could find at least one photograph perhaps we can place it on the corner (1360 Vine at De LongPre Ave.)
Until then I'm sticking with the street address of 1356 Vine...the address in the newspaper ad.

To help make all this tangible...'Felix in Hollywood' included this ashtray.


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