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I see David found a bottle of Darby's prophylactic fluid. I can not even imagine how that works....eww.
And tokens for a brothel....what did they have...turnstiles?


One exquisite building we've mostly passed over on this thread (one mention in a single post) is the old Samson Tire and Rubber Company
building south of downtown at 5675 Telegraph Road in the City of Commerce.

The factory complex was completed in 1930 and sold to The U.S. Tire and Rubber Company in January of 1931.
This explains why the earliest photos I was able to find already have the U.S. Tires signage.

below: A brief history.


The Modern Era.

below: The main building at 'magic hour' (Sunset)

can't remember where I found it/still looking

below: Aerial view of the main building. I would love to see that tiny courtyard.....and a vintage office.

google street view

below: The main building with truer colors (not during sunset)*

*correction: I've gone back and looked at other contemporary photos and they all differ from this color scheme.
Perhaps this photo is before a recent paint job. Does anyone know?


below: The main building photographed from the 5 Freeway (date unknown).

google street view


In the 1990s the factory, which had closed in 1978, became the Citadel Outlet Mall.

Five oversized signs have been placed along the 1'750 ft 'Assyrian' wall.

below: This is one of them.

google street view

below: Before the placement of the oversized sign(s), circa 1976.

Perhaps the huge signs are a necessary evil to insure success for the mall.
You have to keep in mind that the mall pretty much saved the building from destruction.

below: Sadly, this new signage overpowers the main building (two others are out of view).

google street view

below: Most of you will probably disagree with me, but I like this tower they erected.
For one thing, it's placed back from the historic 'Assyrian' wall....and it also has a 1950s-60s retro look to it (in my opinion).

google street view

below: It reminds me a bit of the Norwalk Square sign from the late 1950s early 60s.



below: I saved the most noirish photograph to close the post.


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