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Originally Posted by FredH View Post
Thanks GaylordWilshire, I had forgotten about that post last March with the train station photo. I do remember the earlier discussion about the transformation of that entire intersection...

...and that the little Colima Restaurant building (across from Bozzani) has amazingly survived the surrounding carnage:

Google Street View
I've been driving past the Colima Cafe for decades and have long been curious about it. I know that it's been mentioned on this thread before, and that it's been around for ages under the same name. I ate at the Colima a couple weeks ago and took a couple of photos. Here's an outside shot taken from the south, and a photo of one of the murals inside. The interior isn't especially old looking or remarkable. The Chicken mole was "ok". LAPL has a Colima menu listed but it's just a few years old and doesn't mention the history. Would like to know more about this place.

Oh, re Guy McAfee, I know that he's been mentioned a few times on this thread. About a month ago I posted an old L.A. Times article about him getting his nose busted.
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