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Originally Posted by GaylordWilshire View Post
Amazing photo, LA-- I was confused at first, looking for the 1940 May Co and seeing late '40s cars and the Prudential... but then understood that that's Ogden Drive in the foreground and not Fairfax, and that it's now gone between Wilshire & 6th. Anyway, you'll see a lot of oddly recent dates on vintage photos on the many, many photostreams online--seems to be the date the pic was uploaded, not (obviously) when it was taken....
Thanks GW I was confused at first as well and then figured it must have been Orange Grove.

Found another pic that may have been posted here before. I think I see the house in the bottom corner of the Rancho La Brea land just east of the May Company

I Love LA, But...
"This photo was likely taken sometime in the early 1940s when the area was cleared for the complex. Note Gilmore Stadium still stands on Gilmore Island, and you can even make out Pan Pacific Auditorium (both upper right)."
Photo seems to be from Dick Whittington
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