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Great Candy Barr post 3940dxer! My last name is Barr and my parents almost named my sister Candy.
They thought it would be a cute name....unaware of the infamous stripper.

Originally Posted by 3940dxer View Post
How about Dino's? Of course, that was Dean Martin's bar-restaurant on the strip, just a few blocks away at 8524 Sunset. They had a cozy fireplace, a good bar, and superb views. It was actually a pretty great little spot, within walking distance of my WeHo digs back then, and even a nobody like me was made to feel welcome. Man, I'd love to go back there one more time. Good memories. (The menu is dated 1959, well before my time there. )


Here's a slide of Dino's from the 1960s. (sorry, I don't have the software to get rid of the watermark)

found on ebay

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