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Empress of Dress

Empress of Dress

The Botiller mansion at 9481 Sunset, Beverly Hills, under construction in 1928 and now. The Botillers were an old Southland family, but by all accounts the house was the best thing about them. For some reason the family semi-adopted Loretta Young's brother, who lived here for a time. A later owner was bigshot entertainment lawyer Neil McCarthy (grandfather of actress Sharon Gless, for whose family there is a street named in East L.A.--more early-Los Angeles connections). One of his wives complained in the '60s that there was too much traffic noise from Sunset.... and now the owners are the controversial Resnicks of Pom juice and Fiji water (totally not "green", no matter how they spin it) notoriety. Opinions on the current chatelaine vary, but perhaps so they did of Marie Antoinette of a previous Petit Trianon. (I bet Marie, for all her cluelessness, was less full of herself.) Anyway, I'm sure the windows are never opened, so traffic noise isn't a problem. The Resnicks apparently spent a fortune replicating the original fence--though it doesn't look quite the same to me--and bringing it out to Sunset. But then we have the great leveler... garbage. Just like the humblest bungalow elsewhere in town, the grander than grand Resnicks have to put up with wheelybins in front of the house.

Google Street View

Google Street View

Ugly Angel

Btw, Mrs. Botiller mentioned above was the daughter of Susanna Bernard, who built another landmark palace in L.A....

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...the landmark Bernard house still stands at #845:


"Floyd B. Bariscale" has documented it here:

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