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more stuffs.

I really dig the gerry building, at night especially with the way its lit up, on such a dead street with no activity whatsoever (except the bum in his wheelchair rolling backwards down the sidewalk asking me if I would sell him a cigarette as I was taking pictures).

Also, there was talk of one bunker hill. I could not get into the lobby (due to the fact I go out to take pictures at unholy hours), but I got a few here (taken around christmas time).

The chandelier at the entry way...

the door, and a semi ok view of the lobby (sorry about the reflection)

During the december artwalk (which if you have never checked out, you really should, even if art isnt your thing, many of the buildings are open to the public, and you can just walk right on in. 2nd thursday of each month), I went into cliftons cafeteria, as it seems to be open on artwalk nights only, as they are still renovating it (the big cheese grater on the front is still there sadly). They were not serving food, they just had a bar in the back, so I decided to take a few pictures, but it wasnt easy, since it was very dark inside. Anyways...

Also from that december artwalk night...

And for the hell of it, a quick view from inbetween the blinds out my window.

I am going to go out this minute and take some more pictures, in particular, "brack shops", they have been restoring a chandelier inside, Ive been meaning to take pictures, since the ceiling has a fantastic mural (what is brack shops anyways? 7th st between olive and grand)

All photos by me.
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