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Originally Posted by Horthos View Post
All taken this morning, starting around 5AM to about 6:30AM. Sunday mornings around that time are fascinating, as there are quite literally less than zero people out on the streets, and it is really creepy and cool at the same time, to be in the middle of what feels like an abandoned city.

Over on Los Angeles street between 9th and olympic, theres the gerry building, which I am not sure has been covered on here...

This is such a rare example of 'streamline-moderne' in the downtown core.

I really enjoyed the rest of your photos as well Horthos. I love those old rusty signs (I believe the one says 'clothing on credit') .

Great 'Alex in Wonderland' post FredH! It was very interesting. You filled in some gaps for me about the Vogue Theater.
I was surprised by how beautiful it used to be...especially in that 1935 photo.


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