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Having fun in an abandoned city

All taken this morning, starting around 5AM to about 6:30AM. Sunday mornings around that time are fascinating, as there are quite literally less than zero people out on the streets, and it is really creepy and cool at the same time, to be in the middle of what feels like an abandoned city.

Obviously we have all seen wilshire bullocks a billion times before, but this was my first time seeing it all lit up in the dark.

over on Los Angeles street between 9th and olympic, theres the gerry building, which I am not sure has been covered on here...

As much as I hate the parking lots, the only upside to them is you can get some back views of buildings you normally wouldnt see, also, it makes it easier to get into alleyways.

And for fun, heres a little then and now, taken in almost the same spot.

All photos by me...

Also, awhile back I posted pictures of the hotel clark neon sign all lit up...however, it was only lit for like 2 or 3 days it seemed, its been off for months. Not sure what the deal is with that place, I hear rumors its being fixed up, however I never see any evidence. Anyone know anything about it?
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