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Alex in Wonderland - 1970

In 1969, Paul Mazursky (in his first effort) directed the hit movie Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice. As a reward, he was allowed to choose his next project, which (inexplicably) turned out
to be Alex in Wonderland, starring Donald Sutherland and Ellen Burstyn. To his credit, I suppose, his career continued on after this movie.

Anyway, one Sunday morning, he took his crew out to Hollywood Blvd. to film this scene:

Los Angeles Times

Forty two years later, the area looks pretty much the same:

Google Street View

The Supply Sergeant is still going, but the House of Magic has turned into a tatoo shop, the Cinema bookstore now sells cell phones, and the Ritz Theater (the New View back then)
is a church.

Google Street View

The Ritz Theater has an interesting history. It started life as a bowling alley. In 1939, it was converted to a theater called News-View, which showed newsreels.
Later (as in the Alex in Wonderland photo), the "s" was dropped and it was just called the New-View.

In the mid 1970's, it went porno and was called the Pussycat. Then in 1989, it was re-done as the Ritz. In the end, the "I" fell off the Ritz sign and it ened up the
church you see two photos above.

On the other side of the street (in the Alex in Wonderland photo), you can see part of the sign for the Vogue Theater. The Vogue has gone through a number of changes too.
Here are a few of them.

In 1935, it looked like this:

In 1959, it went through this remodel:


Lately, it has been converted into a supper club:

Google Street View

Anyone interested in the history of Hollywood theaters, please check out this excellent website:
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