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Originally Posted by minkykat View Post
Say, George Dolenz, Tv's "Count of Monte Cristo" had his own eatery for a while. Anyone have any pics of it? I believe that it was named after his tv show.
George Dolenz--father of Monkee Mickey--opened the Marquis restaurant at 8420 Sunset in 1956 with his earnings from "Count of Monte Christo." He died on the roof of the Marquis in 1963--he'd gone up to inspect something and had a heart attack. Not sure how long his family might have had it after that, but in 1970, it became the Martoni Marquis. L.A. restaurateur Mario MARino opened it with a coworker named TONI--hence Martoni's Marquis. A family website claims that "regulars Liz Taylor, John Wayne and Elvis Presley made it famous." It seems to have lasted about six years... the building is gone now. in case you couldn't tell
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