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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
This is a long shot, but does anyone recognize this small streamline building?
It's unidentified in the lapl archive.

Herman Schultheis at

Besides the photographer's name, the biggest clue is clearly the address 4032 (minus the name of the street).

This is one of those quarries that has been driving me crazy forever... I'm definitely not totally convinced--in fact would have to say no if pushed, given a number of detail discrepancies, but wishful thinking has me wondering if the building above might possibly have once stood at 4032 Hooper Avenue... that it might have once been part of the campus of Stiles Clements's amazing Thomas Jefferson high School, still standing on 41st between Hooper and Compton.


The school building in the Google Street View below now stands at 4032 Hooper... I'm wanting to believe that the streamlined mystery building was once there and part of Clements's multi-building campus.... I've looked and looked for more Schultheis pics of the school, but haven't found any. The answer may lie only in some obscure Morgan Walls & Clements archive. (Btw, my reservations include the differing windows from other campus buildings, the plaque on front that looks to me, for some reason, less school- and more business-like, and that there is now no house across the street with a steep Craftsman roof to be reflected in the window....)

Google Street View
(Could the streamline building somehow now be contained in the box...?)
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