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Remnants and relics

e_r: So it seems that Teed Street still exits on some current maps but vanished from the actual streetscape years ago.... but at least now I see that the east section of Bellevue (or Belle Vue or Belleview, depending on the cartographer) from about Sisters Hospital became an extension of Sunset/Chavez.... Of course, even though I knew you'd done your due diligence and cruised the area by Google Street View, I naturally had to do so myself, hoping, hoping to uncover some relic of Teed on more than just a map. Oh the pain of finding nothing... but...

Loving relics of the streetscape as I do, I was gratified to find a remnant in the form of steps back on Westchester Place, which we were discussing a few days ago. They are apparently from a third Rosenheim house design on the street, the Robert Marsh house at 1119 Westchester. Looks like this short flight of steps and wall are left from the original Marsh grounds...

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Google Street View

Google Street View

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