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Originally Posted by GaylordWilshire View Post
Do we think that Bellevue once followed the alignment of Ord Street? Or perhaps that the address on the stolz website is in error?

The J.W. Robinson residence on Teed Street near Bellevue Avenue.

G_W, I finally found a map (1899) that shows Bellevue Avenue intersecting N. Broadway as mentioned in the Stoltz Family blog (see above)

1899 map detail

below: If you follow the tracks Bellevue Avenue is Sunset Boulevard.

1899 map/source unknown. found on an old CD

But now that we have placed Bellevue Avenue in the area of the J.W. Robinson Mansion we have lost Teed Street.
So where is Teed?? It looks as if it was replaced by Yale Street or that slightly curved section of Hill Street.


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