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I've gone back through earlier posts of residences and I believe we might have missed this one.

The J.W. Robinson Mansion on Bellevue Ave. at Teed Street

I haven't heard of Teed Street before so I got out my trusty 1940s Los Angeles street map and looked and looked and looked.

FINALLY I found it.
Just for fun see how long it takes you to find Teed.

detail of map

Teed is tiny, only a block or two long.....but now I can't find Bellevue Avenue.

Then I found this very old photograph of the Teed residence on a hill near the Plaza area.

Then late last night EUREKA! I found these two amazing photographs showing the J.W. Robinson residence on a hilltop in 1900 and 1885.
The view is looking north from Fort Moore Hill. The diagonal road at the bottom is Sunset Boulevard.

below: I believe the road on the right is Castelar Street.


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