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Sugar Hill


Kansas Sebastian

This was the end for the Thomas E. Gibbon house once on the big lot at 2272 S. Harvard, across from the still-extant Rindge house at 2263 (and at the opposite end of the block from Hattie McDaniel's at 2203 ( Other neighbors still standing on the street include the Washburn house at 2200 (, the Beckett house at 2218 (, and the Cochran house (2249). Btw, don't miss the Robert Plant/Alison Krause video in the third link above.

Still surviving from the Gibbon house is this long arroyo-stone wall along LaSalle Street:
Google Street View

When I look at Kansas Sebastian's photostream of these great houses--of all the big houses from Pico-Union out toward the west--I am still amazed that Los Angeles has let so much architectural magnificence go to seed. It would be the equivalent of New Orleans (where I grew up) letting go of the Garden District and the entire length of St. Charles Avenue--but being bigger, L.A. has lost even more. Not that I don't understand the economics, demographics, and geographics behind the abandonment, but I'm still staggered. Windsor Hills, Hancock Park, Bel-Air and even Beverly Hills have their charms, but one can only imagine the mature magnificence of these old Los Angeles neighborhoods were they as intact as they were in their heydays.

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