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Originally Posted by FredH View Post
Nasty business, with a couple of city marshalls shot dead:

Los Angeles Times
Naturally I had to go looking for the modern-day street--I assumed that any domestic archi-
tecture at all would have been wiped from the map, but not so--the 1700 block of East 22nd
Street actually has alot of its original bungalows.... but this is not 22nd Street. It's 23rd...

Google Street View

The palms are actually a block north, along 22nd Street; here, the phone poles match up--
even the eastward lean. George Farley lived at 1741 East 23rd--his house would have been
on the grassy patch behind the phone pole. There are still one or two small bungalows on the
street, but not George and his wife Cora's.... can I not be reminded of The
Postman Always Rings Twice
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