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First of all--3940 & FredH: GREAT finds...

Back to Joan Bennett for a minute.... can't help but want to revisit her famous real-life noir moment:

Noir on screen--from Fritz (not Jennings) Lang's Scarlet Street:

Joan and cars:
1936: With a Cadillac at the studio


With her own station wagon, labeled in the grand manner with the name of a country house: BENMELDI. That's for her two daughters, Melinda (by Gene Markey), right, and Diana (by her first husband, a man named Fox, later adopted by Markey, and, apparently, then by Wanger, to whom she was married at the time of this picture). Perhaps the extensive Life spread was in part to paint the picture of domestic tranquility amid the divorces.... She'd married Wanger earlier in the year. Then came the Lang incident 11 years later. (Wanger hung around for another 14 years after that.)
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