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Originally Posted by gsjansen View Post
Outpost Estates is a canyon neighborhood of Hollywood and the Hollywood Hills in the central region of the City of Los Angeles, California.

It is located directly east of Runyon Canyon Park and centered around Outpost Drive. Outpost Estates is bordered by Mulholland Drive to the north, Franklin Canyon to the south, Runyon Canyon to the west and Cahuenga Boulevard to the east. Developed by Charles E. Toberman, it is one of the original 1920s Hollywood luxury residential neighborhoods in the heart of Old Hollywood. Most of the original houses have been preserved, and Lower Outpost looks much like it did in the 1920s.

The origin of the name "Outpost" derives from an early building on the site. General Harrison Grey Otis, the owner of the Los Angeles Times, acquired the estate from Don ToĢmas Urquidez through legal wrangling associated with California's scession to the United States. Otis converted the adobe into a clubhouse for entertaining which he called The Outpost

In the 1920s, Outpost Estates once had a sign not unlike the Hollywoodland sign (which later became the Hollywood sign). The OUTPOST sign is still there, buried in the weeds. It was one of the largest neon signs in the world. Even the original foundation and electrical junction boxes survive.

The Outpost Estates development was one of the first neighborhoods in the country to offer all-underground utilities.

A 1927 view of the sign

a 1927 closeup view of the sign

view of the sign from the Chinese Theater

Bison Archives

a recent view of the Outpost sign remains looking across towards the hollywood sign
gsjansen, seeing this post totally made my day. I always liked the Outpost area, have hiked Runyon Canyon for years, and always wondered about all that twisted metal wreckage! It makes perfect sense and I remember seeing the electrical parts. After seeing your thread I found a photo that shows the letters a little more clearly, and shot a few photos of my own. There's lots of interesting stuff in this area!

The remains of the sign seem more or less centered along the steep eastern trail that runs along a ridge that looks south towards La Brea. They are scattered near a lookout point along the trail - which may have been a dirt access road when the sign was built.

Just north and up the hill on a large, fenced and somewhat hidden lot is a triangular Frank Lloyd Wright home, the Headley-Handley house. (Built in 1947?) Nearby is an old home with horses and goats in a side area.

On another hilltop to the northwest is the weird monstrosity at 2450 Solar Drive, partially built in 1980's but never occupied. A resident told me the noirish story behind it. This "dream house" was built by a porn star and her manager (think Boogie Nights) but apparently the project was grossly mismanaged and the money ran out.. Since the house was never finished it was never approved for occupancy. Notice the boarded up windows.

Gang bangers and squatters took over, the neighbors hated it. The house is huge and has a great view, but spoils the other homeowner's views. It became an illegal party hangout and got progressively trashed, finally someone installed a caretaker, who lives in a motor home in the driveway. My wish is that the place is torn down one day. Here are some photos, from me.

It was pretty hazy this evening but if the skies were clear you'd see the buildings of Franklin, Hollywood Blvd., and Sunset, with mid Wilshire further out. It it was really clear you'd see the Palos Verdes pininsula, the Pacific and maybe Catalina Island in the distance.

To be continued...
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