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Walking Down Vine Street

Hi Everyone,
Thought I'd add an image and an anecdote about the Vine Street Theatre.

photo: KNX

My Dad and his mother walking down Vine Street just south of Hollywood Blvd. They lived on Selma Avenue at Hudson (now Schrader), so would have turned right at the next intersection. He took lessons nearby and his mother would walk him home afterwards; he clearly remembers the outfits both were wearing, including his cowboy outfit with chaps.

Taken sometime between January 1937, when KNX became a CBS affiliate broadcasting from this location, and April 1938, when its operations moved to Sunset Blvd in Hollywood. The Lux Radio Theater, Burns & Allen, as well as the Campbell's Soup "Hollywood Hotel" broadcast, originated from the Vine Street Theatre at this time.

Some forty years later my Dad was looking through a picture history of old time radio and came across this photograph.* The sidewalk, the theater and shops, his favorite clothes, and his Mom in her best white dress, all came flooding back. He spent many years in television and radio broadcasting, so he looked up the station manager of KNX and they sent him an 8x10" of the photo. I have a version annotated with notes on flickr.

My Dad will celebrate his 80th birthday this December


*Curtis Mitchell, Cavalcade of Broadcasting
(Follet Publishing Co., Chicago, 1970), p. 91

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