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Post Glendale

Originally Posted by GaylordWilshire View Post

And a detail...

Leuschner lived at 1323½ Lemoyne per the '29 city directory... the wire between the KFSG
radio towers atop Aimee's joint in this fragment of the big map marks the spot. He taught at
Otis in those days, when it was located at "The Bivouac"...

Scroll to the bottom of this post for a description of an apartment in the Frostonoya:

Not that any of this explains Leuschner's circle....
On the second map under Glendale Airport - the is an entry for "night club" - I believe this was the "Club Continental" - a night-club and casino for the rich and famous owned - or run by - an LA crime lord called Nola Hahn.

Hahn seems to be a mysterious character and I cannot find any photos of him - or the Club Continental - does anyone have any information on him and any other clubs he was invovled in ?
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