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Originally Posted by The Dirt
Perhaps, West Highlanders should focus on the right things. Their argument about traffic and congestion should instead be focused on bringing in a streetcar line up into the neighborhood (or at least improve current bus service and branding - a la the Boulder bus routes), expand BCycle, or have some kind of car share service in the neighborhood. Instead, attacking a lowrise development for what it's not (a highrise) strikes me as knee jerk and dishonest. Are they going to be calling for the demolition of the existing 12 story tower a block away?
Originally Posted by wong21fr
^Sorry, but to say that four stories is acceptable, but five stories is not is a classic example of NIMBY-ism.
Originally Posted by enjo13
There is very little opposition to redevelopment in my neighborhood. It's the size and scale of the structure that's the issue. On that block this thing is going to be BY FAR the biggest structure (outside of that 70's hi-rise mistake) in Highlands square.

I have to side with everyone else here enjo - this building is a block north at 33rd - It appears to be at least 45-50 feet+. NIMBYism lives.

On another note they are rehabbing the old Holiday Theater building a little further east. It is looking fantastic.

The new yogurt shop next door.