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Soon to reappear downtown

Clinton's Restaurants Inc/L.A. Conservancy
648 S. Broadway

The 1963 screen is coming down--the progress as of Sunday:

Franklin Avenue

Originally Posted by Horthos View Post
...when I moved down here, before I discovered this thread, I was always curious about the pacific mutual building (6th and olive), I always thought it looked strange. When I learned that it was remuddled with a crappy facade, I went back and looked at it a bit harder, and discovered around the side that you can still see some of the original building (at least I think so). I would like to think that maybe its still under that facade, but probably not...

There are several other buildings down here I am curious about, if they were given another facade or what. Ill take pictures and post them, maybe someone knows something about them...
So, Horthos, keep an eye on this rare and "monumental" reveal for us...

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