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Been a while since I've posted, and there's a lot on which I want to comment, but before I get to any of that, I'll share a trip I made to the California State Building -- yes, this one:


...even though it's really rather not there. And while in theory one's not supposed to visit what's left, my wayward youth left me with a healthy disrespect for No Trespassing signage. Soooo...

Up Spring from First there's still the stairway to its east entrance, and the entry to the underground parking garage:

The approach from First:

Ouch. Behind, L to R, the Hall of Administration, the Hall of Records, the Criminal Courts.

And here we are, that characteristic John C Austin State Bldg shape --

And there's this flooring,

posted here before, though seen from up in City Hall, but now, let's get a closer look, bust out the ol' Then-n-Nows:

Walk through the revolving door, turn back and look toward First:

Looking across the lobby toward the east:

Looking back out of the building, toward B'way -- at the pit where the 1960 California State Office Bldg used to be.

Note that they're gutting the 1958 Law Library (seen here, center right) -- what's that about? And yes, that crane is up on the site of the Dome, now plugging away at the Broad...

In any event, the midday sun kind of bleached out the images. Would like to see how this marble looks after a good rain. Parting image of a close-up:

Lobby photos, Mott Studios, Cal State Library, accessed here and here
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