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Oh that Hazel!!!

And, in Baby Jane maquillage, at the Hall of Justice...
"Always smartly dressed whenever hauled into
court, Hazel Glab, now calling herself Hazel
Bridge, appears on a pandering charge in 1958"

I actually became curious about the old girl a couple of months ago, when I read about her exploits on your fascinating blog GW, so I went digging for more detail.

I tell you that girl was noir in a can from birth in 1894 to her final curtain call in 1977! At the time she died at 83 her full name was:

Hazel Belford Vendiz Garland Glab Bridge Stoddard

Seems that both before and after the unfortunate Mr Glab there were two husbands. Fortunately, all four of them lived through the experience but that is probably only because none of them had much money, unlike Mr. Glab.

Having already been divorced twice, the 21 year old former vaudeville performer, hopped a train from Oklahoma to Hollywood in 1915.

She caught the eye of a casting agent and is credited as appearing in the 1916 movie The Deserter. She has no recorded credits after that but it was rumored that she did appear in two Ince films. After films it appears that she found prostitution and gold digging more profitable. And eventually murder, forgery and extortion as well.

Ingenue Hazel 1916

Hazel (center) and her "witnesses" during her divorce from terminally ill Mr. Bridge 1955. She won his house in the divorce and then turned it in to a good ol' fashioned brothel, hence the courthouse picture GaylordWilshire posted.

Even after her madam days, our buddy Hazel didn't stay out of trouble for long periods. There were assorted shoplifting charges and the like for years and then in 1965 Hazel at age 71 got dragged into court for harrassing and threatening the life of her old Tehachapi State Prison cellmate, seen here confronting her outside of court.

I totally agree that someone has got to make a movie of her life! Can you just imagine all the noirish locations and such that everybody on this thread could suggest?

~Jon Paul (Juan Pablo sounds more noirish)

All photos LAPL
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