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You are quite welcome e_r. I have to admit that I have become fascinated by this buidling, especially after seeing the color photo and finding out that it is clad in turquoise green glazed terra cotta tile.

I immediately thought of the Eastern Columbia Building, that I love so much, and lo and behold, they were both designed by Claud Beelman in 1930. The cladding tile for both buildings was purchased from the same supplier.

Beelman was a very prolific architect in the Los Angeles area and some of his other works are the Garfield Buidling and Hollywood Post Office.

Here are three more current shots of the Bankers Bldg:

Google Streetview looking up (that parking garage they erected next door is horrendous)

Google Streetview of the side

Detail from Banker's Building flickr album

I am traveling back up to LA in a couple of weeks and am planning on taking a walking tour around downtown. Also, I am promising myself that I will look up so that I don't miss seeing what is above the street level commercial sameness.

That in itself will be a challenge in that being pretty tall I tend to either smash in to or walk over the top of people if I'm not looking down.

~Jon Paul

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