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Originally Posted by Fab Fifties Fan View Post
Not too long ago etheral_reality posted a great photo of Dad Bailey's Newsstand. I, of course, can't find that post right now but here is another photo I came across today and even a little provenance.

Charles "Dad" Bailey opened his newsstand after his previous business (Luggage Store) was destroyed in a fire and his bookkeeper had neglected to pay the insurance premiums. His stand was very popular and he made a good living from it. He lived until he was 90 and kept the stand until just a very few years before he died.

His great nephew Bodie Bailey has a cool flickr site with all sorts of photos and family stories. As far as the location of the stand, Bodie is unsure but he thinks it was on or near Florence in South Los Angeles close to USC.

~Jon Paul

Wonderful information Jon Paul! Here is the photograph that I had previously posted.

usc or lapl

above: Notice the Model Tobacco box on the sidewalk. Here is a great photo of this brand (location of this photo is unknown).

verne ackular blogspot

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