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Originally Posted by SierraMadre View Post
I have no info on this photo...
I have many photos from this era, but I am concerned that some may have been posted before. I'll try to stick with the more obscure ones, but on some blogs they tear your head off for reposting a photo, even though there may be hundreds of pages of posts before your join up...
I guess you'll let me know real fast if that's the case here.

SM, (my well known penchant for using acronyms). we have all posted images that have been previously posted. but as GW indicated, there isn't a single photograph in this forum that doesn't warrant being posted again. so no worry's mate, keep posting without giving a second thought as to whether or not it's been posted previously. your recent contributions are all fabulous!

the photograph is looking south west across what was once calle de los negros. the infamous chinatown street that fronted los angeles street.

the photograph you posted is an image from life magazine in 1949.

here's a larger shot of the photograph

Source: Life Magazine

somewhere on the web, i had read a discription of this noirish los angeles thread, stating that it was like driving around with an excited friend who keeps pointing his finger out of the car exclaiming....look at that.....and look over there at that, and omg, look at that!

hop on in SM! glad you're along for the ride!
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