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Pasadena pilgrimage

I made my pilgrimage to Pasadena this morning to visit the old Bullock's building.

I, of course, wanted to see the old Boy's department the most, to see the map mural on the ceiling. Here's sopas_ej's photo from his earlier post.


The red arrow I added at lower right points to a little plush lamb that I bought today as a souvenir. If you look closely in my picture below, you can see that the lamb and the legs of the pink bear to the left of it had barely moved in the last 8 days since sopas took his photo. When I spotted it in the earlier pic, I had actually decided to buy that lamb if it was still there when I visited, and it was! (I collect stuffed animals - not sure if I've mentioned that before.)

The opposite side of the map mural.

The artist who designed and painted the mural was Robert Majors. I bet he painted it lying on his back like Michelangelo did the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

Next to the kiddie department was a barber shop. I had my own hair cut there many times as a kid. The original barber chairs are still there, and even in their original colors!

Close-up of the Bullock's custom-designed barber chair.

Here are the elevators that fascinated me as a toddler.

Everything about the elevators was original, except the brass plates with the up/down buttons. The replacements added Braille, but the brass buttons still looked the same.

Took some nice pics of the staircase in the Haggarty's building across from Bullock's/Macy's, too. I also went to the old Robinson's Pasadena building, but nothing whatsoever remains of the original interior, other than the support pillars. Inside, it looks like any other Target store you'd see anywhere.

I might just go back to Bullock's again before I return up north. It was really fun. Looking around the place, I probably muttered "Wow!" to myself about three dozen times during the hour I spent there. ^^


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