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Bullock's Pasadena

My memory's so poor - did we ever talk about Bullock's Pasadena on this thread? I think Mom and I went to Bullock's even more than we went to Robinson's. Anyway, I've always been curious about its history. Is anyone familiar with this building?

Postcard from my collection, photographer and publisher unknown.

The caption on the back of this postcard reads, "Bullock's Pasadena - Internationally recognized as one of the world's most beautiful stores. Famous for its distinguished contemporary architecture as well as for its atmosphere of graciousness, it is known as "The store for all Southern California."

For some reason, I was quite fascinated with the ornate elevators inside Bullock's. They also had an enormous fountain inside the building with what looked like a million dollars in change on the bottom that people had thrown in as a wishing well type thing. Anyway, this was the first store I can remember where Mom used a credit card, which in those days was an embossed aluminum card called a "Charge-a-plate." (At least I think that was its name.) Bullock's had these weird contraptions with a bakelite handle where they'd put the Charge-a-plate in it, then put in a paper form with carbon paper over it, then they'd push down on the crank and produce a credit receipt. (A kind of precursor to the "knuckle-buster" charge card machines we're all familiar with.)

I remember there was an I. Magnin store on the other side of Bullock's parking garage, but Mom thought I. Magnin was overpriced and I don't think we ever went in there. There was a Haggarty's across the street, though, and we went there a lot, but they HATED having little children in their store and when they said as much to my mom once she swore she'd never shop there again. Near Haggarty's was a Blum's restaurant where I was always treated to Chantilly cake. Mom used to say she first took me to Blum's when I was only 3 days old. Funny how I can remember trivial stuff like this that happened over 50 years ago, but I often can't remember things from one minute to the next now.


EDIT: Google's so amazing. Turn's out I got the name right, but the spelling wrong. It was actually called a "Charga-plate" (only one hyphen).

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